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Smooth, seamless writing. You perfectly reflect the cow's vulnerability and your compassion for her to parallel with our weaknesses and God's capability. Great job!
I enjoyed the smooth descriptive writing style and the message was uplifting.
I like the tie-in's very true! You could probably tighten up the beginning sentences; that is the only thing I find distracting. Well-written overall.
Wow. I was not expecting this to be as good as it was when I first started reading it. It started off slow and then picked up the pace. I really started feeling for the poor cow and her baby. I was glad that it had a happy ending and that you took this story and added some application to your life. Very very good!
This was a tenderly written personal narrative. Anyone who breeds or simply loves animals can easily relate to the emotions you so richly detailed in this story. So much truth in your summary paragraph. Wonderful. :)
I really enjoyed this and felt you handled the subject well. I was into this story from beginning to end. I know the feeling too of hiding and needing to allow the Lord to find me. Thanks for this piece.
Loved this story! Not only because of the emotion brought out by the birth of the calf, but by how you brought out a spiritual lesson from it...The reason I loved the story itself is, I guess it was the "Alberta Farmer" (a title my husband lovingly gives me) coming out in me. Actually, I never lived on a farm--but came from Alberta. I have assisted in the birth of dogs and cats, but never cows; although I was asked to help once...I did see a vet do this calf delivery once, though. Facinating!...Helen