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This is great! I love the pace and flow and it made it fun, kind of like a children's story that you could do hand motions with. lol. Very good job! A fun, interesting read! ^_^
I loved the flow of the Word in prose. Thank you!
You've outdone yourself with this one. It's so creative and so well written that it most certainly belongs in Masters. You had me right from the first word until the end and I found it such a good read. Many big time kudos!!!
Oh, this was wonderful.

There was a couple of places where it took me a second try to get the rhythm to fit, but that's just because of how I read it the first time

Great job. Very creative! Next you should do the part you left out, the contest,in poem format. :)
I can appreciate the work that went into this poem and loved the retelling of this story. Great job!
Now, I really liked this. I not only appreciate the work you put in to it, but the passion behind your message as well. Superb!!! God bless.
Excellent! That must have been a lot of work. Great job!
This is just as emotion wrenching as the original. And some quasi-humorous bits thrown in too! Great retelling of this tale. I found just a few lines a bit off from the rhythm, but loved the poem all the same. :)
You poets astound me the way you work in the limits of your form and still get such a strong message across. Really nice. :)
I'm in awe of you fitting so much story into this poem. Now I'll be thinking "hide and seek" when I read this story in scripture. Great lesson, well done.