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A troubling piece. I realize the 730 word maximum limits expanding a topic, but the balance was off and I could see that some was heavily limited, probably to meet the word goal. An excellent article, nonetheless.
Intensely dramatic - I could vividly feel the woman's pain as she said goodbye to the cottage that meant so much to her.
Nicely written.
Blessings, Lynda
Some wonderfully descriptive and evocative phrases like: 'meticulously scavenging with the intensity of a geologist.' I was a bit confused, though, about the end.
"Here she learned to shed inadequacy and become visionary, to search for the next treasure and the next and the next, with the sure knowledge that her Supplier would never run out." I liked this - it seems to sum up the experience from beginning to "Never Ending!" :) What a Great God we serve!
Whew - what amazing descriptions! There were lots of good ones, but my favourite is a "a glittering field of blue, speckled with white-hot diamonds".

I grew up by the lake, and yes, the house my dad built was bulldozed for housing units a few years ago, although I'd already moved from the area. I go back often though - was there on Monday in fact, walking by "a glittering field of blue, speckled with white-hot diamonds"!

You've used English like a pallette of paints here, and the computer screen as a canvas. Well done!
I like this piece! The author has talent to be sure. I'll be a little picky and say that I would prefer the last two paragraphs be woven in differently. I personally don't like post script paras ... just a preference on my part! But that doesn't take away from the authors ability! Nice!
Good article! I enjoyed your discriptions. I agree that the ending could have been even better, but good job!