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Wow! Lots of action going on here and definitely some good suspense. I loved this MC, started off pretty Robinson Crusoe-ish. I wanted to know more about him and what was going on. Great job! ^_^
This was a heart-touching adventure story(is there such a thing?). One thing that I questioned, how did he get seperated from the rest of his company? I can figure it out, but I had to go back to see if I missed that.
I am sooo glad this had a happy ending. I really loved this story. Great descriptions. Thank you for sharing such an amazing soldier story.
Tense, gripping, and very well done. Loved the happy ending, too. Kudos.
Good details to make this story very visual and realistic. Nice job. :)
I'm impressed its so action packed for only 750 words. Well done, this had me in suspense.
What great descriptions. You had me well engaged throughout. Kudos.
Very visual and well written story. Great job.
Excellent descriptions! Very good job making the reader feel as if they are there - and congratulations on your placement!
Joy, your name is fitting of your writing, because it brings me great joy when I read it.

I seriously would have thought that you yourself had actually been a soldier out there fighting in the deep jungles, because your writing felt very authentic and real as I was reading it.

How many more ECs before you move up to masters? I'll miss you in advanced, but you deserve to be up there. Congratulations on another well deserved first place win!
What rich, realistic imagery! I appreciate the parallel to Eden and, especially, the redemptive rescue at the end. Congrats on your win!!!!! : )
Congratualtions on your EC win. Your words pulled me in and kept me reading, hoping for the soldier's rescue. Excellent.
Excellent writing, Joy! Congratulations on your EC!
Intense, gripping writing! Congratulations on your EC!
Wow! It's amazing that you wrote such a great story in under 750 words! Very masterfully written with such vivid descriptions I felt that I was actually watching the events unfold right before my eyes. This win is well-deserved . . . you are a very talented writer! Congratulations on your EC win and 1st in your category! This story definitely deserves to be published.
War, bombs, tanks, caves...A female writer who can construct a great "guy" story - very well done! I got captivated by this one, and I wanted to read more, probably like the rest of your readers. Congratulations on a well deserved EC!
First I want to thank you for your comments on Shadow Man. And reading Prisoner of Eden made me want to read the rest of the book! :o) Exciting, riveting reading! Wonderful tribute to your dad!