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Great writing...This story captured my heart!
Your wonderfully written story touched my heart in its deepest core.
I don't believe anyone could have "slept" through this sermon - but I must admit I "wept", non-stop, from about halfway through until the very end of this creative and beautifully written Sunflower Sermon. Sad, but Inspiring! Kudos for a job well done.
I loved the passion this was written with. It really tugged at my heart. Great job. God bless.
Well, I was ready to use my red ink, but my pen is still sitting here, untouched. There was no need for it. Wonderful! Your word choices are beautiful. Bless you.

The only thing I could say, purely from a judges prespecive (and I'm NOT a judge this week) is I didn't see a STRONG tie to the subject (hide and seek). It was there, but it wasn't obvious. JUST a thought. This is awesome, though!
All I can say is WOW. (And where's my tissue?) Such a sad story, but with a healing ending. I'm glad to know that on day he will see his little girl once again in heaven. Beautiful story.
Ellen, you need to provide tissues if you are going to write stuff like this. :)

Wow. Powerful, sad, hopeful, beautiful. I could use many words to describe this piece of writing. Very deserving of the top honors that it received. Thank you for sharing this.
This touched my heart and it's so beautifully written. Congratulations on you win.
Great, superb, inspiring and emotionally moving--that is what this story is. I felt sorry for the father who didn't know how to express himself with his little girl. I am so glad that the ending had him seeking God.
As a native Kansan you had me hooked from the first sentence! The story did not dissapoint. Wonderful writing. COngrats on your EC!
Tender and redemptive...absolutely lovely. I am so glad this placed, it's one of my favorites. Congratulations!
You are truly an inspired writer, an example of how God uses our talents for his good.
Now this is a STORY! You painted the scene so effectively in the first paragraph it was like I was watching it the rest of the way. I don't know how you put so much story, emotion, description, & meaning into so few words, but you did it. Congrats on the EC!
Beautiful writing.