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The last line is perfect - but then again, just about every other line is too. :)Wonderful descriptions and sense of place. Love the message, of course, but especially the presentation of it. Masterfully written.
Beautifully written. This one will stay with me for days to come.
Beautiful descriptions fill this piece, and your ending was magnificent.
With a third of the entry as an intro I didn't think you had time to tell a story, but you did, expertly, and ministered as well. Masterful.
God bless.
Wow... absolutely beautiful imagery and descriptions. The ending haunts me. The descriptions of the child falling is amazing and awful. It chills me.. yet is comforting somehow.
Your way of putting thoughts and pictures into words for a story is nothing short of magic.
I loved the poetry of this prose. It wasn't until I'd finished it and thought about it for a while that I discovered this is an allegory--the babe represents Christ, right? Beautiful.
*sniffle* Well done. So sad, but well done.
Wow! This was so beautifully written that I've run out of words! I couldn't improve on a thing, no kidding! Kudos!
Mesmerizing. I truly wish I could write like this. Maybe some day...
This one is going to place this week. I have no doubt about it. Of course, that is no surprise to me. Your writing is always so close to perfection. It's as if every single word is meticulously and individually placed one by one by you to form a beautiful work of art. Every single word has meaning. I loved everything about this story.

I continue to look up to you in hopes of someday having writing skill of this caliber.
Wow... simply... Wow... Tears... no words, really... this is amazing. I too, want to write like this some day... Well done!
This is a masterpiece. You have a great way with words. Your art at description is breathtaking. I had to read this story twice to get the full picture. I am still not sure of the meaning, but it was very intriguing. I will draw my own conclusion: "And a little child shall lead them." This little child, in my understanding of the story, was the means of bridging the barrier between the two side. If I am wrong, please let me know....Helen
I marvel at the mastery of your words and the telling of them. Beautiful story and beautifully written. :)
You have such a gift for descriptive language. My hat is off to you!