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You vividly paint a stark possibility of future events. Sadly, there is already much persecution of the church which the perpetrating nations try to keep hidden, such as China as they host the olympics and pretend to be in the mainstream of human rights.
Excellent, riveting writing! I appreciate your powerful imagery, such as "voyeuristic hellicopters." I'm currently reading Revelations and diverse interpretations of it. It's frustrating because I'm not sure which interpretations I believe. They all seems so different. But, what it all boils down to--despite how it all happens--is just what your MC says and does. We must trust in our Savior and stay faithful to Him despite horrible persecution.
Wonderfully strong stand for an unpopular belief. Your powerful wording leaves no doubt about how we Christians SHOULD live our lives. We should be ready at all times to stand against the enemy, even when things aren't like we expected it to be.

This is one of my favorite entries this week.
Extremely brave and detailed entry. Ministered to me on several levels; the kind of story I like. I love the way your mind works and enjoy your writing voice. Overall, great job. God bless.
Haunting, frightening, and sobering. You wrote an amazing story.. one I hope never happens, but similar things do happen and yes... I hope I would be so brave.
This was a gripping and fearful story! And you told it with such skill! Kudos, dear one. I'm so glad I read it!
Excellent story with great descriptions. Hopefully the rapture will happen before this type of scenario. But if not, may we all stand strong in the Lord. Very nicely done. Thanks.
I have goosebumps! I haven't read an end times story told this well in a long time. You painted a very dark and ominous picture, but your last line was beautiful.

You sucked me in to the tribulation and didn't let go until the Saints took their final plunge into Paradise.

I sense another possible winner here. Your writing skills amaze me every single time, and I DO mean every single time!
Oh my goodness, Chely, I was on the edge of my seat! Gosh, you have talent! I was shocked that the woman beside her was her mom. Great twist, but I'm sad she chose to believe the lie out of her desperation. This was amazing!!!
OH----My-----Gooooooooodness! Very prickly prickles, the prickliest. This is your genre. I am blown away. Your ending was, well, wow.
Oh my! Chely, this was amazing! You held me spellbound till the end.
Chely, I knew you were a good writer. I just hadn't realized your writing talent is tremendously good. Congratulations. This had to be a difficult story to write.
In a word...
In 2 words:
Absolutely brilliant work Michele! Very gripping and detailed account of a terrible end times scenario! Very, very deserving of recognition. Congratulations!!
Chely, this piece is powerful and outstanding! And a beautiful testimony for those who would be faithful to the one, living, true God. Thank you for this.
Great Job! - And CONGRATULATIONS on your first place win!
-Laura Anne
I found myself praying for your character. You put us right there on the bridge with her where we could feel her emotions. Hope we all face that last moment praising God this way! Congratulations!
Congratulations, Chely. This is a powerful and deeply moving piece. Very evocative, very though provoking. A worthy win :)