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It sounds like this is a true story. If it is, it is amazing (the dream, the friend trying to take his life, then a year later. I really liked your ending with the bungee cord. You've written/told this story in a way that really kept my interest. Nice work on this.
You used a very lively voice to narrate this story. Excellent twist at the end. Well done.
Great title, entertaining, minstered your point well and presented an entry that easily could be turned into a longer piece. Great work. God bless.
Two great twists in this. I like the ending even though it frustrates me a little because I don't know if he throws up his hands because he does or doesn't realize that the guy's bungee jumping. But that last visual is powerful.
Oh wow... you pulled me in and had me hanging on every word. The ending was great. What a fun twist.
You held my interest right down to the last word!! What a great piece and you told it with such skill. Kudos! Big time!
Great job with this, Tim. You drew me in and I held my breath as I waited to see if Tom was going to jump. I'm so glad that he didn't and that there was a happy ending to this. The bungee jumping at the end was a nice touch.
What more can I say, I concur with the comments already here. Great job of story telling.
This was amazing and well-written. You are indeed a wonderful writer. Pulling your reader in well.
Great story Tim. I love the conversational style. I never even thought that it might be Tom trying to jump. You pulled me in with this one and held me to the end.
Tim, you can chalk another one up on the good side. You write with an amazing clarity. I really enjoy reading your entries. Well done.
Like all the other comments before mine, this is highly entertaining and well-written. Really nice work with the characters. :)

God is in the business of miracles, isn't He? Love the way you made this serious and light all in the same story. Kind of like real life. Great piece!