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This sounds like a true story and is so heart-breaking. Your writing in this is very captivating. Your descriptions of George's dedication and passion for his work are excellent.
I feel so sorry for George, working so hard, trying so hard, and all of it thrown away in an instant. I hope he is waiting on the other side. Thanks for the reminder at the end. You might try adding some dialogue too. Nice job.
This was heartbreaking. What a wonderful tribute to a very complex admirable man. So sorry it ended so horrifically. You did a good job of bringing me in to cheer him on, and then the ending left me sad and speechless.... great writing on the subject.. two concepts of bridge creatively written...
I've often thought that doctor internship is brutal and unrealistic. It's terrible what happened. What a hard story to write... thank you for sharing with us.
I found this story extremely interesting, well told and full of real-life stuff. I am not sure why you have not had more comments, because I would recommend this reading to anyone. It is informative, albeit with a very sad ending. But that's life. And you brought in a very good lesson...Great writing....Helen
This is so good! A little sad but I had my Kleenex box handy so I was ready. I'm so glad I got to read this one!!! Big time kudos!
Yes, it was hard to read, but worth it. It teaches a valuable lesson. we need to remember that our words can ave unforeseen results, as the words of the doctor had by causing George to give up hope.
This would have been hard to write Emily, it was so sad that a young man could be treated like that. I hope someone gave that chief resident a good talking to. There's making them tough, and there is just plain bullying. Good job Emily.
Oh, how heartbreaking. Your ending to leave it hanging with some hope was just the right touch.
Oh my-what a tragedy for his family and for the ones his research may have been able to help. So sad...I sure wish he'd not given up hope and that the words that cut him so deeply had never been spoken. Powerful lessons in this story.