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This totally made me cry. Especially the part about "I kept you from boy scouts."
I try to teach my scouts self esteem even before they try a reef knot. Scouting is a faith based movement by the way- even if it is only in the Prince Charles sense of the phrase.

This is a very well told story and a clever take on the topic.
You were able to infuse humor in a serious topic with "Suicide 101." Your message is very good. I LOVE this, You are the one that is going to show my love to everyone in your situation. You kept my interest throughout this. Nice work.
Hmm. I have very mixed feelings about this piece. The humor--dark humor-- here normally would seem inappropriate from a Christian stance, but somehow it works in the beginning. I couldn't have pulled it off. But, towards the end it seems more flippant than authentic.
Very well done. Love the dialog.

The very last line needed just a smidge more punch.

Being a boy scout was one of the most exciting and formative times of my youth. There were solid morals and values to be learnt. I am so glad the Lord intervened in your life, just as He has in so many suicide attempts that I know of. You are very precious to Him and us, so choose life always. P.S. With the long drop, the 1/2 inch nylon rope would have decapitated you leaving a horrible mess for others to clean up. I have 33yrs law enforcement experience and have seen many such suicides and how bad they turn out, especially for those left behind.
*sniffle* *wipes eyes*

I am so glad God saved you from that horrible death (if this is a true story). If this is fictional, then wow, well done. It reads totally like a real account. *hugs*