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I absolutely felt cold reading this and its 92 degrees outside! LOL! Very good writing. Maybe if I read more I could turn off our airconditioner!
This was so beautifully done...I loved the her thoughts, mingled with God's, and then her rescuers. Very well done!
Your story is rich in God's love and care for His children. You really brought out the theme perfectly.
Great story Shirley. You had me riveted and hunched over my computer screen as I read. You built the tension beautifully. I just loved the final sentence. Well done.
I like the parental theme in this. As your MC cares for her children, her Heavenly Father intimately cares for her. I think as parents we often forget that God is our "Dad"--one who anticipates our needs and studies on us even more so than we do our own children. You visualize this truth with your image of her helpless in the snow, "like a child."
I like your story very much. It is so well expressed and the imagery is so vivid I can feel how the MC feels, as well as the warmth of the Father. I like the part when the MC said, "Not so easy right now, Lord. Help me out here. These are important words when we are facing difficult situations, much like the words of Peter, "Lord, help me!"
I tried to touch on the same theme in my story this week, but I think you did a much better job than me. the dialogue between God and the woman was beautiful. Such a touching story.
A beautiful, touching story Shirley. I loved the way God used scriptures that reflected her situation, and kept her mind on the task. Funny they thought she was delirious, but good to see that they listened anyway. (I think italics rather than bold would have worked better for God's voice.)