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This was a fun read. You can always hook me with a playful, cuddly kitty.
This is quite a paradox - so funny for the reader, so sad for the writer. :) I KNOW all Challenge entry writers can relate to this one. (lol) Lots of "senses" descriptions, I particularly felt the fresh sheets. :) Good job.
Oh, I can relate! Love the cats and just the right touch of humor. Perfect last line, too. Great job!
Excellent writing. I could get sleepy just reading the details of how comfortable the bed is.
This was fun, but it made me sleepy. Very sleepy."big soft fluffy pillow" Zzzzzzz. :-D (and Travis made this story even better)
Oh, I'm in that struggle right now as I write this comment instead of my challenge entry! Just sent my cat out the door. Better get to work, or maybe make some coffee first! One thought: I wonder if this would be even more effective in preent tense.
An interesting story and a good read. I like the way you describe the details in your writing. It makes the story come alive, and I can understand the exact sentiment of not being able to write something everyday, especially after a hard day's work. At least in your story there is a Travis to help the MC keep awake ... although not too successfully. Great work.
Fantastic illustration! I loved the cats (and I'm not a cat person!). Fun read.
LOL! This was so funny, because it's TRUE! Every writer deals with this frustration from time to time. You captured it so very well. This is one of those stories that is simple in concept but was executed brilliantly. :)
A delightful and nicely written article.You do have a gift of amusement in your pen.......Thanks Lynne.
God Bless