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"Momnesia" I've had that! What a clever idea. Your story is very well told.
Your singing' my song. Are you telling me its only going to get worse? Oye. I'm doomed.
Very entertaining story!
This is a delightful story - and so true to life. I love the word "Momnesia" - Very original. How many of us mothers have suffered from this "disease" and never knew it had a name? The title is excellent. Great job!
This is very entertaining and unique take on the topic. Great job!
Oh yes! I actually suffer from the advanced form... it's called Gramnesia. It can prove very painful at times. You have done a wonderful job describing the symptoms.
I noticed I'm the first man to comment. I can relate to this. I recognized the symptoms right away. I have the same problem...As your husband. Yep, my wife has this same disease.
Do guys experience this too? If so I am in trouble when I have children. I can;t even remember those other things now as a single guy!

Very fun entry. Sorry that I missed it during hints and bricks.