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Very good story. Interesting POV. I can see the frustration and anger. There's hope for her future in that youth goup. Good job.
Nice job. Creative approach to the topic and interesting all the way through.
Very well written. You made the reader feel what it is like to not see. What a blessing! Keep writing. Congratulations on 3rd place in advance. You have a gift!
wonderful! There are so many wonderful lines in this entry... all but one of the girls I considered friends disappeared like chocolate at a slumber party and I loved the last line...I can talk to Pastor Matt about focusing my heart on the one no one can see.
The relationship between Nicole and her four legged friend was beautiful.

Having transcribed notes from tapes for a blind girl at college, I can appreciate the Nicole's frustrations in trying to learn Braille. Great story, congratulations on a well earned 3rd place :)
Thanks for the glimpse into a blind girl's life. You stirred my emotions and that's great writing. Congrats on your win.
I dropped by after you left your wonderful comments on "Erasmus and the Ant," and I'm glad I did! This story brought back memories for me. I had several blind friends way back in High School, and they even taught me to read braille. I remember one night trying to read a braille book and falling asleep, only to dream that I really had gone blind. Some strong emotions went with that dream!
Anyway, thanks for the memories, and for an enjoyable read!
Congratulations on your 3rd place. This story was very well written, and very informative. My sight is something I take for granted everyday. Thank you for opening up another world to me. Great job with the topic.