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Cute story, and it's all very believable, too. Terrific writing!
Enchanting story. A real joy to read
Delightful story. I giggled all the way through it. Thanks.
Aawww! This was too cute! Ethan's adorable! Great job at capturing the innocence, and openness of youth!
Great job with characterization and a fun read. Excellent job!
Heee Heee, that was great. I loved the Pastor's little future blackmail comment "I think I might have my volunteers for the church social’s dunking booth…"
Oh, Ehtan is an unintentional stinker, isn't he? This was charming. Well done.
Absolutely hysterical and priceless. My siblings and I rarely got in more trouble than when we "awakened" our parents from a weekend nap with a fight.
LOVE IT!!! Great work, Chely. You do comedy well. :D
Are you sure you didn't peek into my childhood home to see how my siblings acted? What a delightful read!
Oh the inocency of childhood. Good "peanut butter" story. Could say more, but 'nuff said...Helen
Your comedy is spot-on. I laughed through it as I enjoyed it and a memory it brought to mind of a nap I took once upon a time when my little kids were home, and someone came to the door. You showed the boy's innocence perfectly.
How funny! Another terrific piece, Chely!
Heehee! I loved Ethan, what a darling little character. I had to giggle all the way through this, blushing with the wife and laughing with the Dad. Just funny-and I loved the pastor too, that was hilarious. Good job! ^_^
Oh Chely...I really needed the laugh today. Pricelss. Oh man...better leave it at that. ; )
OH MY GOSH! This is the funniest piece I have read this week! So incredibly funny! What makes it really great is the fact that this isn't far fetched at all. This stuff actually happens. Kids do say the darnedest things.

I'd imagine that after having children, finding time to "take a nap" or "talk" would be hard to do. LOL! I hope this one places. It's great! You pulled off the comedy just fine. :)
Oh, this is cute... :-)