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Great piece of writing. I like how you showed the differences in the times. Novel idea:)
Good story with an important message. I actually enjoyed the extract from the "novel" as it's own story. Maybe you could write one about those characters one day!
Before telephones, news was old before others heard about it. The novel element was a nice touch. Good job. Thank you.
What a charming story! I enjoyed both - the past and present. I nearly went with the new-fangled invention too! Thanks for sharing - it was a fun read.
Very creative and I loved the story within the story. Excellent message, too.
This is well written and entertaining. I like the story within a story. Nicely done.
Really good personal narrative. You had a smooth transition from the MC's present to the past in the book. Really liked the use of the journal to summarize the insight the MC received. Very nice. :)
I like the way you constructed this. It was such a delightful read,especially for someone like me! Big time kudos!
VERY good! The novel excerpt in the middle is awesome, the writing tight and engrossing. I love the journal entry that ends the story. It really blessed me today and I needed that prayer! (for different reasons from your MC, but that's how God works, huh?)
"Two stories for the price of one here." Your writing is excellent. I could see the characters through their conversations, and you tied the novel to the present just right.
Very creative! I can definitely relate to this and I liked the real life touches inside of this. It's up to date with things that we're dealing with now (gas prices, airfare, etc.) and yet going back to a novel for the very first day of the telephone. Loved it! ^_^
The mixing of the novel with the main story was a nice touch. I think it's what really gives this piece its flair. I'm guessing that it is based off a recent real life experience as well. Thank you for sharing. I always enjoy your stuff, Shirley.
I loved the bittersweetness of this. Great piece of writing!