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You have captured the frustrations so many of us feel, and it's written in a very humorous, entertaining way.
Very funny entry! Great job! Had no clue it was going to be a dream. Funny, funny!
Very funny and very clever. The Spanish translation just adds to the fun. This is just so true to life with more and more companies going for the "voice recognition" process. The ending just topped it off nicely. Well done, great entry :- )
Brilliant, I was wondering if this is a spoof on what actually goes on over there.
Very creative and funny! That would be a nghtmare, for sure!
Eeek, I hope it never gets that bad. Very funny story and I can totally understand the MC's frsutration!
Clever and did a great job!
Funny piece. Automated phone calls are frustrating. Very well done. You captured it.
Believe it or not, I have totally had dreams just like this one. Whenever I have to call 911 in a dream, either the call won't actually go through or I get some stupid system like this one! I actually had to call 911 in real life for the first time a few months ago--just about some debris in the road. Whattaya know, the person answered the phone, "Police, Fire, or Medical, how may I help you?" LOL, at least it was a real person.

Anyway, all that to say fun story! One suggestion is to leave the first sentence out and then play up the waking up part more, but otherwise great story--but I hope it never happens!
Sounds like a Twilight Zone nightmare, waking up to realize it is true in the weirdest way! This answering service seems to be very common these days in any organization. You have captured successfully the traumatic frustrations many of us face frequently.
Our worst nightmare, literally. Too funny - good job on this one.
Hehehe! This was completely enjoyable! The humor is so great because it is based on the reality we all experience nowadays. Great job!
Oh what frustration! I know the feeling, but not with 911, thankfully. Aren't phones the most frustrating things? Yet, what would we do without them. Oh yes, I do remember the days before we had a telephone...but I was very little, and wouldn't have known how to use one in the firstplace. Nowadays, kids as young as 2 know how to dial 911 at least..Very enjoyable story...Helen
Oh my goodness, the last line made me laugh out loud. You captured the exasperation of the automated phone system well. Thanks for this fun read.
ROFL...loved every word. Too funny! I totally felt the frustration. Nicely done!
You make too many phone calls to companies with automated phone systems, obviously - you knew every prompt! lOl Great detail and smooth flow from one prompt to the next. Great job. :)
Oh, I had to laugh! What a scenario and you sure did capture the way it is to call corporate America! Perfect, Josh. ( :
Fantastic story and well done.
What a great story! I laughed out loud and read it to my dh. You are GOOD, my friend! I hope you place high with this one!
I love this so much that I wish I'd written it!
Josh... you get better every week. I cant wait to see your next entry. Your imagination is amazing.
Nice one, Josh! Simply too funny! I could almost feel sorry, but that's a scary thought to be needing 911 and not able to get ahold of someone. Lol. Good job with the italics. I loved those options, so creative! ^_^
ROFLOL - literally! Your writing is priceless! What a great imagination and sense of humor!
This is priceless, Josh. If you only had a CLUE as to the week I've had...oh me oh my. Hilarious, my friend.
Great job capturing humor with this story! You have some talent with that, Josh!
Josh -- This is GREAT and incredibly creative! I especially like your list of Dr's (Ruth, Phil, and Kevorkian)!!!! Congrats on your "highly commended" rating. You are very talented!
Great story... Don't know whether to laugh or cry... really good writing, imagination,.. a deserved WIN!
: ) It's always a pleasure to read your work, Josh. Congratulations, Loren
Oh boy, did you hit on one of my pet peeves! May it never come to that!

I confess, whenever I get one of those voice-recognition systems, I usually just start repeating "I want to speak to a human being." It always works eventually, and sometimes even on the first try!

Very well written and enjoyable. Congratulations on the HC!
What a RIIOOTTT Josh! LOVE this - no wonder you made highly commended. You're something else, my friend. WOW.
Congrats!! Great story! Great Writing!