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Your dialogue between the girls is very realistic, as well as the situation that occurs. You have a good tie-in with the song.
Great interaction between the girls. Love the touches of humor, also.
There's probably not a girl alive that has not had to take a seat on the bench while her friend goes boy crazy. Realistic characters, and good dialogue. Great job!
The Reba song was the first thing I thought of when I saw this week's topic. You covered a topic most women can relate to. Entertaining and nicely done.
A cute read - too real, too familiar, too true. :) Nice job with the dialogue, flowed well.
Hoo boy! What a tale! I figured that he'd call in the end, but I felt bad for her friend having to put the plans aside, you did well with showing the contrast and the reversal of roles with the 'stupid phone and stupid second date' that made me laugh, because I've heard that line-literally before! Very well done! ^_^
This is a wonderful story! Well done. :)
LOL! What a reversal this story took. I laughed at the nun part, because I used to joke about becoming a monk and moving to a monastery because I had girl frustrations. The song at the beginning was a nice touch and it drew me into the story. This was really good!