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This is a very creative story. I love how the past is interwined with the present. Great job!
I really love this story... I have never heard of this game but it sounds excellent. Have to try it sometime.
Very realistic portrayal of teens and a new, conscientious youth minister. I loved it! But, I'm--perhaps overly--picky about endings. Might want to end it with just the invitation for coffee. Readers will still get the important and poignant message.
Very good job. Sounds like a fun game, even though it may not last long. All the pieces get eaten. A realistic youth pastor. Thank you.
Good story. I, too, have never heard of the M&M game and found the concept quite intriguing. You
really held my interest. Nice work!
What a unique idea for a story! What a unique idea! The M&M game sounds great, and what a good way to get teens and young people to open up. I like the idea of eating your "memory" after, too...Thanks for sharing this delightful story...Helen
What a unique,creative and imaginative way to get others involved, thinking and talking. So many good things are going on in this article, that I'm coming away richer for having read it. Thank-you! Loren
This sounds like a really fun game to play with people. You could really learn a whole lot about a person if they are open and honest while playing it.

Fun story. I enjoyed reading it.
I really enjoyed this story. The ice breaker game was creative, and the response of the kids very believable. How humbling to be someone's important person. I loved the reason, too. Because he accepts me as I am. Great job. Congratulations!
Tremendously creative story, and wonderfully woven.
This was one of my favorite from this level. I knew it make it in the EC. Great job!! Congratulations!!!
So very proud of you, Mari! I told you that you had time to finish before 200 entries came in, didn't I? LOL! Yes I did. You made it and you wrote a fantastic piece! Congratulations!
Love you,