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Great twist at the end and the comment about fools and kings. Humorous piece.
I had no idea where this was going - what a wonderful way to convey a serious message. Really funny.
This was HILARIOUS! When the "wizard" picked up the magic 8 ball, this piece took a wonderful turn, lol. Well done!
Lots of fun! I loved the twist, even though I was starting to enjoy the universe of Prince Alexander ;)
Too funny, and with a good point. I love it.
I had to laugh at "Incanus the Great," the "magic 8 ball," and the close encounter with a "dragon." You packed a lot of humor in this! :)
This really messed with my mind. Magic 8 ball, did he just give him an Alka Seltzer, what's going on here? Then you filled in the REST of the story. Funny. He's gonna wish he were just a prince with amnesia tomorrow.
Excellent work building up the story and then giving it a complete shift to an unexpected ending.
A wonderful piece. I really enjoyed this. It caught my eye before you posted a hint.
My friend, you have made me laugh yet again. When the wizard picked up the magic 8 ball, I began to smell a rat.

Very wise words from the father "Getting drunk makes you look like the Kings fool and not the King.

Well done, very well done indeed.

Great job, Josh! This was hilarious. I really enjoyed reading this one - it gave me a great chuckle to start the morning! :) Thanks for sharing!
This is hilarious... I had a feeling it was yours!
Very funny and nicely done. We should all keep our wits about us.
Oh, the follies of young men! You had me chuckling. I was fooled until you mentioned the magic 8 ball. I kinda doubt wizards use those. Loved the Alka Seltzer (?) too. Great job.
I knew this had to be yours!
What a great read. I'm so glad I got in on the fun!
Heehee! Poor guy-well, almost! I liked the twist, I think you did well with it. The hints were realistic details that made it a fun and natural surprise. Loved the wizard's magic ball! Nicely done! ^_^
You are just too funny, Josh. :) Good example of just what "fun" one brother will have at the other brother's expense. :)
Sly wit and humor and an engaging story to boot! I really liked your dropping a hint to the tone of this with the "magic" ball and plop-plot, fiz-fiz. Too, funny, and oh so good, Joshua. Loren
Very clever. I enjoyed the twist your story took. You have a brother??
Josh, I love so many things about this fun story. You incorporated several aspects of memory, a touch of fantasy, and wonderful mis-direction and humor. Thanks for such an enjoyable read!