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I loved this. It took me in and gripped me. From the first it was clear something momentuous was happening in this character's life. Having seen the remains of the Berlin wall, and visited the museum at Checkpoint Charlie ... this not only invoked my memories of those places, but helped me understand and feel again their import. I loved the bitter-sweet atmosphere of this piece. Great stuff!
I enjoyed this story. Suspenseful beginning, vivid imagery throughout, an emotionally struggling MC, and a solid ending. Good formula for a well written story.
Very well written. You had me there with the crunching of the gravel and you MC's memories. You held me spellbound from beginning to end.
WOW! What a story you wrote here, my friend! It was absolutely gripping. Full of suspense, drama and even hope. I believe you really captured the essence of The Wall. It's a great story of friendship and the price fror freedom. Thank you for sharing this.
A well-told, memorable story. I was living it with Helmut; although the story about the wall is only one I read about in newspapers, and articles since, you made it come to life again...Oh what price, freedom! Excellent story telling...Helen
This is not just a retread of history; this is a vivid story that pulled me along until the end. It's too bad children cannot learn history in this way instead of memorizing dry, boring facts and dates. Very nicely done.
Very well told story. Clear imagery. You made this personal.
You're every student's idea of a dream teacher. You brought this subject to life in a most dramatic way. Kudos!
So sad to see the ending of this, I can understand how it came about, you did good with the characters and especially with the emotions and details. That made this piece come alive. Nicely done! ^_^
What a powerful story this is - and so well written!Your imagery is great.Oustanding job!
Powerful and gripping. Solied piece of writing that ended too soon. Well done!
Very well done. Loren
You did a wonderful job portraying this piece of history.

Your MC is what really made this piece shine. The strong emotions that you breathed into him through your words really made him come to life. I felt like I was there remembering the pain and then releasing it all with the swing of a hammer.
Congratulations, Michele...
You've done it again. I wonder if you have been there yourself? I can't believe you haven't because there is so much truth and life in this piece. I have driven through the dead zone in SE Germany. Wonderful, wonderful job!
Great title, wonderful subject, completely original and wonderfully told. Congratulations!
Another EC. Wow. Congratulations! This was a great piece of writing.
Profound characterization! Congratulations on your EC!!
Powerfully and wonderfully written with such insight. (mentally he ran for three decades). Congratulations
I too loved the line about running for three decades. Well done.
Really enjoyed reading this. I think I could smell the smoke from the cigarette.