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very different and certainly interesting. great description too!! Thanks for your unique piece!!
An interesting piece and a good read for the start of a longer story. Princess Amanda deserves further coverage to let the readers know how she is to work towards royalty.
I agree. You're writing is clear and engaging. But, I feel that this is the beginning of a story. It was hard for me to feel any love for Amanda from the grandmother. She seems too reserved and matter-of-fact--more businesslike than joyful to finally have her grand-daughter at her home.
Let's hope we will hear more about Amanda. Lovely story line. I love the way you write and thanks for your comments on my article.
What a nice little story, here. It felt a bit like a tease - I want to know more. Your descriptions are great. Good job!
Intriguing piece. I like the relationship being formed between grandaughter and grandmother, even the memory bracelet keeping track of the passing years.
Unique and creative-just like you! The beginning of an intriguing story, certainly, and two wonderful Characters to further explore, make this a good entry!
You did such a good job with this! I so wish we had the option of a 1,000 word limit sometimes. Some stories you just don't want to end too soon and yours was one of them. Kudos!
Wonderfully written and all the makins of another developing story. Reminds me a bit of fantsy every girl must have...well done as you've captured that dream beautifully.
This reads like the beginning of a Gothic romance. I would love to read more. The charm bracelet was a very nice touch. Good work.
Very creative! I like your description of the Grandmama and the castle.
Well done.
Such a creative mind you have! I loved the description and am eager to go on Amanda's journeys with her.
This was great. I just want more! I think you could take this and really expand on it to make a much bigger story. I was very engaged in the story, and I hated to see it end so quickly. Isn't that 750 word limit a pain sometimes? ;)

Thank you for sharing. You brought a unique entry to the table this week as you do every week.
Very different! I wouldn't have wanted to be Amanda. I can't imagine having to live in a world like that. Great imagination. Well told story..Helen