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I like how the room number turned out to be 3:16. I know it's hard with the word count, but I would have liked to know more of his background, how he happened to lose his memory.
Well done!
Clever and well written.I was once blessed to watch a miracle when someone came out of a coma, because they were given a Bible to hold. This reminds me of that event.
A very faith full story.
Thank you for this. God Bless. Elizabeth.
I also liked how the hospital ID was John 3 16. Liked the action packed beginning that hooked me right in to the story.
I like how this played out. Memory remembers the most important thing. Good job.
I love how you used John 3:16, the verse that ties the Bible all together in a loving bow. It is so familiar that it can go into the deep recesses of the mind to restore and bring healing. You write with such a tenderness, Helen, just like you did in your wonderful book! I know this will bless many people!
This is a beautiful story to show God's power to rescue and to heal. I loved it that the young man recognized the Bible and remembered the verses he had memorized. You managed not only to get the message of salvation in your story, but also a little romance. Good job.
I love the significance of the title and the "Coincidence" of the room number. ;-) This is very well-written, touching story. I hope you expand it for use elsewhere.
What else can I say, but awesome!!! Can I "grow up" to be like you???