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Wow--this is crazy creative, and so very, very well-written that I almost started to sweat while I read. I'd never, ever attempt something like this--simply amazing, and should be widely distributed, somehow.
Oh, wow... This is really powerful! The images are fantastic - this one, especially, makes you think: "There was, after all, no longer any point in being good. There never had been, actually, at least not for the purposes of tipping some phantom cosmic scale of justice in her favor."
Great job! I don't have any constructive criticism, because I think this is very well done, but I appreciate your openness...
I seriously had to use a kleenex to wipe my face. This was beyond moving, it was a roller-coaster ride of emotions. Your ending was absolutely perfect. Masterful.
Creepy and terrifying would be two good words to describe this. Amazingly well written. The sense of hopelessness and 'lostness' oozes from the very words.
OH wow - this was so real and frightening. I hope MANY read this! Astoundingly powerful. I'm still trembling.
So disturbing. What a glispse at something we NEVER want our loved ones to see. Superbly
Holly,if this doesn't take first place I will be shocked.

Wow, girl, you hit the creative button hard this time. I absolutley loved this take on topic.

You inspire me, but you know that already.
Great job. Thanks for sharing!
Well done! Nice job! Thanks
WOW! This is amazing, girl! Wonderful stuff-and very creative! I could feel the head and everything, wow! The opening descriptions were my favorite, made me feel like I was really 'there'. Very well done! ^_^
Oh, my goodness!
I have never seen an author bring Hell to life with such vivid and frightening realism. You had me gripped the entire time. This needs to be distributed, because it is an awesome witnessing tool.

I really hope you place high this week, because this was such a powerful and well-written entry. It's going on my favorites list.
06/19/08 You've conjured some frighteningly real images. Is there a thing as descriptions being too vivid? What an imagination! Ssssuper job - I'll be surprised (and dissssappointed) if this doesn't place.
Gripping, disturbing, convicting...not sure I can pick just one "best" adjective! A creative take on the topic, and well-told with such involving emotional imagery.