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Oh my goodness, my heart is wrenched in two. Very powerful piece with quite an emotional ending. YOur title drew me in and did not disappoint.
Oh, Chely, this is ABSOLUTELY amazing! Some of the best writing here, ever.
Chely girl, YOUR ROCK!
I don't believe you know how good this is! Wow! and more Wow!
Chely - this is ASTOUNDING. WOW. I was absolutely THERE. If this was your first try at this, I might just have to hunt you down if you decide to make it your last. Just WOW in every way.
Wow. Just wow. Your first sentence grabs the reader--then you don't let go until the end. What an ending. Marvelous writing.
Thanks for sharing your gift.
This was so good. I love how you expressed the POV of the MC. Bravo!
93 seconds of heaven...thanks for giving me a glimpse of it. Great writing.
Wow-just wow! Loved the paragraph about Emma and Chloe.
Your talent is very apparent here, I can hardly believe that this was a last minute effort.

Everything was clear to me. Thanks!
Chely, you never cease to amaze me. your heart speaks clearly in your written words. A true author, you are.
Goodness! This is simply amazing! The emotion and the atmosphere, the way you describe all of this, wow! It is wonderful, I think this is one of your best yet! Excellent writing! ^_^
Great piece. Having an aunt who slipped into a coma before dying without waking up. This showed the glory of heaven but how hard it is for us to let go of those we love to go there.
Chely, your work on this piece is masterful in every way. I don't think I've read anything with more effective word choices... ever.
I missed the tissue alert! Exceptionally well written - this reeks with emotion, both joy and sorrow at the same time. The only snag was the paragraph where she (he?) is talking to Sister - at first I thought it was still to the spouse about his (her?) sister named Miranda. I did figure it out tho. :) Also would like to know if this MC is a man or woman. :) Other than that, LOVE IT!!!
Ok. So here's the deal. I thought that "The Stalker's Curse" was your best piece I have read...until this one came along!

Wow! I sense a possible EC. I sure hope this places high. You sure know how to grip the reader and keep their eyes glued to your words until the very end.

Every Christian should read this piece then prayerfully and immediately sign an advance health care directive that will free their loved ones from having to struggle with such life and death decisions. Very well written - as expected from you.
A sensitive handling of a controversial topic. Very well done.