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I enjoyed your unique angle on the topic. If you haven't read Dee Henderson's O'Malley series, you might enjoy it.
Excellent writing here, with a "just right" ending. Loved it.
Love the concept of this diverse family! Authentic dialogue, too.

I wonder if the ending would be stronger by having your main character remember those "other" family members, rather than having a summarizing speech by a different character. Just a thought...

This was SO good, what a great concept. Well done!
I like the angle you went with of kids from and orphange reuniting as adults.
I hadn't thought about orphans reuniting as a family, but it worked. Very nicely done.
I enjoyed the unique take on the topic.
A very good story coming from an angle of one who has been greatly blessed, standing in the presence of the lesser blessed, and those who have strayed and lost. I like the way you put across the happy feeling of reunion at the start and then turning the story around to direct the readers to the less fortunate, then concluding it with the MC realizing how much he has been blessed.
This is definately up there in the running for one of my favorites this week. Great writing my friend.
Another 'out of the box' entry. Well done Josh! You did the different characters extremely well, and I could see each one of them. There was no mistaking who was who, even without name tags. Good job Josh, good job :- )

This is a unique and very well written piece. I hope you place with this one, Josh!
I love the banter among the characters especially. I agree with Jan about the closing, but otherwise, but have no other red ink for ya. For seat of the pants especially, this is great!
A good write! Thanks
Having adopted a little orphan girl myself, I really appreciate this unique approach to this subject. Good writing. What a bummer about all those weird marks.
Well done Josh. Your writing is really going places. Hope you do well because you deserve to. Blessings,
What a creative angle for this topic. I enjoyed the idea and the message very much.
I have to agree with everyone else, a very unique take on this topic. I enjoyed this very much. Well done.
Josh, I really enjoyed this one. It makes me sad to think about those who did not make it. It's just a perfect example of why our government needs to make a focused effort at improving our domestic adoption system. Great story.
What a neat reunion! I liked the different characters and the names and the line with beating everyone at checkers! That was a neat realistic touch, I liked the ending though, where they all came together to pray, even to remember the ones who didn't make it. This was good! ^_^
Creative take on the topic. Your final sentence is excellent.
Josh, I forgot to mention in my previous comment that you did very well for your first 'seat of the pants' entry, improvising and not knowing where you were going w/ it... isn't that fun??? :)

Seat of the pants? Josh, you have great pants. Well done.
An original take on the topic. I love the idea of orphans having a family reunion. The opening definitely got my attention, and a sweet ending too. Good job, Josh. :)