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Fantastic. I loved this poem! It has a delightful, feel good story. It's a great read-to-your-grandkids poem.
This is such a cute poem. I don't know a whole lot about poetry, but this seemed to flow very nicely as I read it out loud. This is a great poem to read to children. Good job! :)
Such a fun poem!
Tommy Turtle's Tale is a toe-tapper with a great message. Great job!
I love it...of coarse! Add it to your children's anthology. GREAT JOB!
This was fun to read aloud. I enjoyed the flow. Great job!
This screams out for illustrations. The flow was just so good - like mud sliding off a turtle's shell :-)

Shirley, you definitely have to put this one in your children's anthology. Brilliant.
This is so adorable. I sat here tapping my fingers on the desk as I read it. Very, very good job!
So cute and fun - love that last stanza. It flowed very nicely (I think I tripped up maybe once), and I agree that it begs for illustrations. Lovely!
Congrats, Shirley, on trying something new! You have not done badly for your first poem, and you did a nice job with enjambment from Jan's recent class. You did a reasonably good job with consistency of meter, which can certainly be a challenge when starting to write poetry. This was fun.
Thanks for sharing you writing skills.
Well for a first attempt, it was great. I loved it!
Wonderful kid's poem, keep at it...
Yay for your first poem!! Truly fun, and a cute story. Only a couple places seem to be "off" meter. I smiled all the way through. :)