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The tenderness with which you unfold this story is excellent. Similar scenarios must play themselves out across the US, and not all with the knowledge of the undergirding of Christ's love.
This must have been difficult to write in 750 words, but you did so excellently. Your tender and happy ending gave me a lump in my throat.
Wonderful story, very moving.
This was so beautiful and very well done. Wow.
Wonderfully touching story.Marita. The scene in church and the emotions portrayed were extremely moving. Well done, very well done indeed :- )
You did a very good job with this piece! I hope you place with it!
So moving, Mari - you really nailed the emotions especially. Very good!
Very meaningful - Thanks
Oh my gosh, I need to run for the kleenex. You made me cry, but it was a good cry. This is definately up there with my favorites this week. Great writing my friend!
Once again, you have written a touching and wonderful story. Great job.
Wonderful off base, but right on entry for topic. Everything about this rang true to me.

Thanks for sharing this tender tale.
This has GOT to be a winner. It certainly brought tears to MY eyes. What a sacrifice this man made, and what devotion his wife had to believe that his inner LIFE would be restored. I have a small feeling for what the man must have gone through, losing his limb. My husband has also lost a limb a year ago. Only occasionally do I detect his depression, but I know it lies under the surface...Oh, how I love your story....Helen
I felt the passion! Very moving. So glad you threw your brick so I didn't miss this one. This was one of those entries I wish there had been no word limit on.
What an encounter! There is such a story here, I'm glad I didn't miss it! The ending was my absolute favorite part of this piece! Simply wonderful! (and have you thought about a tissue warning?) Nicely done! ^_^
Touching story. You kept the energy going throughout--anger, fear, love, surrender. The ending was great. Well done.
Every story you write is better than the last one. Great story this week.
Oh, so special - yes I see the layers of reunion, and I love it. What a fabulous ending, too. Great work!
Very emotional writing. I had tears in my eyes by the end of it. It wasn't just the reunion with his wife that moved me - it was his encounter with God.