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Wow! I didn't get it at all until the cast of characters at the end. How creative.
What a creative approach to the topic and a sweet tribute to so many. The ending really brought the whole piece together.
Cool take on the topic...when you got to Louie and Martina, I knew what was going on. Great job!
Oh, Aaron--If it were up to me, I'd give this one the #1 spot this week. I was drawn into it, pulled...trying to figure it out...and then when I "got" it, it was exquisite. And THEN to see little Maria Chapman in the "cast list"--I just lost it. Spectacular!
What a fantastic entry! If you don't place with this one, I'll be a ring-tailed monkey! Super writing! Kudos!
Wild, wacky fun--with heart. I liked all the musical sounds in this.
Good Job - well done. Thanks
*clapping ecstatically and giving a standing ovation* Bravo! I loved this. My favorite this week.
Very different approach to the topic. My ears were splitting, just listening to the band tuning up and warming up. I wonder if I will be able to play my trumpet again some day--at the great reunion in the sky. I used to play it, once upon a time, but haven't for--well, at least 50 years, and no, I don't want to play it at the REUNION, never was very good. I will enjoy GOOD players...Enjoyable story..Helen
Incredible talent, both the writer and the cast.

I didn't know the name of Chapman's daughter and now I see the brillaince of her dancing with her father-like the song.......

This deserves a spot at the top. I bet Jesus loves it too.
ROFL! This is so funny! And incredibly creative and witty and almost everything! You captured some hilarious moments here and a soft note for when I read "Maria Sue Chapman" that meant a lot to me to see her name there under her Daddy's. What a neat reunion! I loved the punchline of "all eternity." That was just wonderful! Excellent writing! ^_^
This is classical. What a masterful piece. Awesome, awesome, awesome. I can't think of the right way to describe this--just amazing. This has me so excited for the wonderful reunion with Jesus--and all of these marvelous people. Excellent, excellent job.
This was three times as much fun the second time through, knowing who the cast of characters were. (My eyes were glistening, too, as Steven and Maria danced past.) Absolutely wonderfully choreographed piece of writing. :)
Oh my, I was fine until I read about Steven and Maria dancing. That was so sad and yet so beautiful. Well done my friend.
Congratulations Aaron on placing 12th in Advanced, and 40th place over all. Well done!!
As a trumpet player, I can relate and your story made me laugh!
You have a God-given gift!
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