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Hehehehe. Congratulations on such a fun piece.
What a fun piece -and why do I picture my husband with the gun case in a few years?? :)
I can relate. Our daughter thinks we are way too overprotective! This is a great read!
Very enjoyable, the wit and pacing kept me reading without pause. Thank you.
Ha! Very well done. I think I was that poor kid in a former life. Reads like a winner to me!
Ahhh...Fathers! Loved this it was too much fun! GYN...hysterical!
Fun read....thank you!
"You ever do any shooting, Tommy? I like shooting" real light, light , light! And real, real, real good!
I meant real good, good, good! :) :) :)
Absolutely hilarious!Aren't most parents like that? sure they are.Just that some pull the gun in their thoughts.Welldone!
It is hard to let go, isn't it? This is my favorite line - "She looked so much like her mother that my eyes stung." Good job!
I really like this sentence, "He wasn’t going to be doing his homework with my daughter if I could help it. I reached behind the sofa and opened my gun case. I pulled out my twelve gauge. “You ever do any shooting, Tommy? I like shooting.” The corners of my mouth stretched upward." It made me laugh involuntarily - incredibly amusing!!!
This was far and above my favorite entry of the week. There were other pieces I had to rate as well technically, but this was my #1 choice. Great work, as always...FUN! :)Thanks for a much needed GRIN in this valley of tears...
Phew, at last... some light relief. really did LOL. Just loved this Maxx. I was so there. I could hear my brother's voice. So glad I have sons.
This is another one of my favorites of yours. My father actually talked about getting a lie detector when I brought home my future husband. I'll never forget the look on my husbands face when my dad asked if he would be willing to take a lie detector test. Humor has never been my father's strong suit. But it is yours! Soooooooooooooooooo funny. I loved the gun part. Actually I loved every word of it. The dialogue was fantastic. This would make a fabulous skit or full length play. I sincerly enjoyed this one and (once again) am shocked it didn't place. Great work Maxx. Fabulous, fabulous entry.