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I like how you wove such an important message in to the story, and still had the reunion. That's like having your cake and getting to eat it too.
I love three bean salad. :) Your story is great and so heart-warming. I loved the characterizations of the children. You have a lot of writing skill. Just a thought -- I've seen other challenge pieces where the characters thoughts are put in italics. I think you'd have to use html code. There's a thread on the message boards that tell how to do that. This is a wonderful story!
Wonderful and creative approach to the topic, and now I'm really hungry for bean salad.
Every time I have 3-bean salad from now on, I'll think of your entry! :-)
Very well done! Kudos!
I was hoping for this ending, but had resigned myself as she had. Great twist.

Thanks for the reminder to look in our our back yard.
This is a wonderful story. I loved it. Tears formed with the mama, but left again as the story proceeded. Then they came again as the cars started streaming down the driveway. Glad she could share her bean salad with the family. I sure wouldn't want to be eating bean salad for a week. I don't even like it...Great job....Helen
I love that the reunion 'happened' after all! The line with the three bean salad was precious! And so were the kids, I loved it, you made it real with your MC and the little lesson tucked inside there. Clever! ^_^
I love the feel of this-- uplifting and joyful. Your MC was so endearing I found myself trying to figure out how to get her to the reunion. I actually cheered when her family pulled up. And I liked the way the Three Bean Salad framed it all. Yum.
Well done, wonderfully creative with a lesson to boot. I want your recipe for three been salad. The kids were just wonderful, especially the little boy wanting his Mommy to smile again. Well done indeed.

From excited enthusiasm, to depression, to contentment, to excited joy - you ran the gamut of emotions here! Great job! (And you made me miss my mom's 3-bean salad, too.)
Outstanding work! Congratulations on a well deserved EC!
Congratulations Deborah on a very well deserved EC. :- )
Oh my! There you go again getting my waterworks going! Maybe it's just me, but your stories get me EVERY time! HOW entirely sweet of her dear husband to call all the family and arrange a VERY special surprise for her! I know, I never mentioned that her hubby did the arranging, but I'm imagining that's what happened and I'm charmed by it all!
I love it! The idea that our families are with us always is such a powerful one and I love how you put it in there. Great job and congrats on the win!
This is a wonderful story--one of my favorites. Congratulations on your win.