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Cool…sci-fi! This is so creative. I have, at times, entertained the thought that when we're in heaven, the Bible stories may be available for us to witness. Your title is perfect, reminiscent of another famous story. (I wish I could insert that famous 5-note melody here). I really enjoyed this.
What an interesting piece, Dub. And so very well done!
Many kudos, my friend!
YOu have definitely moved out of 201st place, I expect to see a ribbon on this creative and powerful entry.
The story was intriguing, but I have to confess, I didn't understand it. One comment at the end mentioned sci-fi. Guess if it is, that's why I didn't understand it, having never read sci-fi stories...I am just a bit baffled as to the meaning...Now, please don't misunderstand me...The story is well-told. Obviously others caught the meaning...I just want to say "good for you" for tackling this topic in such a unique manner...Helen
Oooh, Sci-fi! ^_^ Very creative, I really like how this is a change from the usual family reunion stories this week. The MC's voice is very realistic, but at the end I was wishing there was a little more. Nice job with the holograms, I liked that! ^_^
Your writing has always intriqued me. You write with such clarity I'll never see pictures of long fingered, blue skinned aliens without thinking of this entry.

Great story.
Wow...this is so far out of the box. What a captivating read...incredibly creative. Well done.
I haven't read them all, but I'm guessing yours is the only one with aliens. :) Thumbs up on the creativity and the writing - I especially like the Bible stories come to life. Only the ending seems lacking somehow.