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Cool! I'm a sci-fi fan, and this reminded me of some of the work of Isaac Asimov. Speculative fiction is fun, and you did a good job with this.
Oh! How creative! Good writing here! I really enjoyed this entry!
Oooh, very creative! I love the Sci-fi twist here, it's just perfect and I especially love the way you worked in normal, current details of today-a dog, windows, etc. Very nice! ^_^
This was yours? Wow! I'm so glad it placed high, congrats! Well done. ^_^
This is very imaginative! Congratulations on your HC!
Writing sci fi without it seeming too pat is not easy. You managed it, though, side-stepping the regular space ships and aliens. This is creative and enjoyable. You did a GREAT job.
Cool Seema! I really ENJOYED this! I wanted more -- a sequel or something ... wow!
Very interesting and unusual- which is good! I'm not used to sci-fi but you drew me in and kept me hooked to the end. It would be interesting to see where you take these characters. Oh, now my brain is spinning. Great job!
This is SUCH a unique take on the topic, Seema - so glad you put this link here, because I didn't get to it the first time. Very well-done. I didn't find any of it confusing. Enjoyed it!
I found this very easy to read and understand because of your writing style. I also "read" into it (and, I maybe wrong) but it points to the fact that real and not virtual relationships are what make life truly worth while.
I think it all works - and is great!
Great imagination! I liked the 'transitional' rooms and some having the virual world head communication things and others not. Kind of like today's internet. I guess today's transition room might be a library where those without computers go, use them, and get hooked prior to buying one. LOL! I like your story. A great, fun read!