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I LOVED THIS! I loved the line, "Everyone knew that mother ladybugs were very fussy about their kitchen design." and also, "Glade plug ins." LOL! Marvelously creative.
(whisper voice...I have a suspicion who wrote this...someone with a particular knack for children's stories:) Hehe...well done!
Adorable children's story. I love the names, and could easily envision the illustrations. Cute!
I love this story! Makes me want to go live in a toadstool, too;) Very good writing!
A wonderful children's story begging to be illustrated. The Glade Plug-In reference was a nice touch.

You got me wondering what those special ladybug drinks taste like. :)
Great story. I enjoyed it.
Very cute.
Guess I'm odd man out, I loved it all except the Glade plug ins....
Like this family a lot and I can see kids enjoying it as well.
Delightful little piece with a wonderful voice AND message.

I think a bit of the language (here and there) was a bit old for the audience, but that could just be me.

I can definitely see the illustrations - great descriptions!
This is so sweet. I just read it to my 8-year-old. It was fun to watch her eyes widen as she realized we were talking about ladybugs (though she did say, "I though only girls were ladybugs.") My daughter also said she'd never heard anything like it and it was good. A+
Wonderful story Shirley, the kid in me just loved it. Do you have the recipe for the Ladybug drink? Well done my friend, well done.
Awww! This is such a sweet and cute story! I know a few kids who would love to read of the Pudderwinkle's adventures! This was great, I loved it! ^_^
Great children's story. With pictures added, this should be a smash hit with the little ones - also teaching them things from nature....Helen
This is charming. It begs for illustrations. Thumbs up!
How creative and cute story. Good job.
Congrats on 2nd place in Advanced! SO happy, happy for you! ;)
A very deserving 2nd place win. Your writing keeps on getting better and better. I love your children's stories. Congratulations! :)
YAY! Shirley, congrats! Love this story. YAY...happy dancing for you!
Congrats! This is great-I'm so glad it placed! ^_^
So creative and adorable. I love it.
A fun read. Congrats on your second place!