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Powerful. Dramatic. Edgy. Gripping. Tragic. Hope. This is an amazing entry and is very moving. I like that it ended with hope. It is well-written and well worth the read.
Wow.. just... wow. Powerful and moving. You took a very dark heavy subject and wrote a story that is a delight to read. Excellent.
Extremely well-written, gripping--I look forward to finding out who wrote this one!

There's a bit of a POV switch at the end, easily fixed.

Despite your disclaimer, this really is a true story for many people, I'm heartbreaking!
A heartbreaking story that is wonderfully written.
I love it. You make me want to know what happens next.

Wow. This is absolutely excellent. Probably the best thing I've read this week (IMHO). Compelling. Gripping. Frightening. Realistic. Masterful. Vivid. Wow.
You ran the gamut of emotions with this-truly wonderful reading.

You could certainly expound on this, I hope you expand and submit it.
This is a very creative take on the topic and you've done an excellent job writing this heart-tugging story. Your ending gives the reader hope for this family.
Wow, quite a story! Edgy and creative, so much emotion racked into it. Nice job. ^_^
I don't know how you do it, but you manage to grip me with your stories every time. You have an amazing gift of being able to tell the heavy stories so well, that you make the reader feel like he/she is the one struggling.

I like how you end your stories with the hope of Christ. I can see your works being used to help those who are stuck in the traps of addiction. I can also see them being used to break down the barrier of ignorance that so many people have towards people with addictions. Perhaps they can gain some compassion and understanding by reading your pieces.

Excellent story!
Wow, this was truly inspired. Everything seemed so real that it was gripping. I was hoping for Sunny the entire way. Wonderful job hardly covers it, but wonderful job nontheless! Loren
Excellent writing Michelle. The struggle between the addiction and the maternal were very well developed.

I was engaged throughout and the resolution was perfect, though I sense there was more involved in the doorstep conversation with the ex.

This may have been fiction but I'm sure its real for someone every night of the week. Your ability to write dispair then turn in convincingly to hope is amazing.