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Very touching. I am glad for you that you had those two moments when he did affirm his love for you.
What an amazing story. Thanks for sharing!
Great story, thank you.
Well-written story. It was nice how you understood him because of his own background. It makes it easier to forgive. It's also wonderful that you married someone who understands the responsibility of a father.
I love the title - 'This is my life'. It really is your life - the beginning and also the middle, anyhow. (The second half of the story is yet to be written!) Praise to our God who brought you to Himself and enabled you to change the pattern in your family, with the result that your sons KNOW they're loved, and love you right back too. (That was a sweet way to conclude, by the way.) And kudos to you, too, for consciously turning the patterns of communication, acceptance, love etc from those of the generation above. I'm sure you were one of those 'cool' mums as your boys grew up! Your piece was very readable, touching and challenging. Like you, any of us can take steps to change the patterns handed down to us where needed.
So beautiful...the future is always brighter and better than the past.Your life is actually in Proverbs 4:18.Thanks for sharing.
Good work! Very well written, and a fascinating story!
"...uneasy forgiveness." - Thanks for not portraying an easy solution to your heart about your Dad, and thanks for sharing in such a well written, good read!
It's good that you were able to understand that your father's background conditioned his behaviour. You were able to forgive him and that's important as well as the touching moments he brought in your life. A well written entry.
Such a well-written, lovely story. So glad you looked to your father's past to see why he was the way he was. It helps to release any pain. Thanks for sharing a part of your life with us.