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Very funny! (I want one that'll cook for me...)
Funny piece. I think there was a TV movie about a house controlled by a computer.
Oh my, now listen here: I happen to like Vista! LOL! Very funny story. I love your descriptions. How hilarious!
Very, very creative and thoroughly enjoyable. I love how smoothly it all runs until... "Eddies recliner pulled back and then slung him forward. Eddie went flying out of the chair and nearly into the television." LOL, I could just picture it. Great story; well done.

I KNEW this was Josh's when he made the Vista Crack! Very creative...well done.
Ha, too funny. And yes, the last line was classic.
I love your title! and I loved HELEN!!! What a character you've created. Then the "green pea soup" and the "possessed house" was hilarious!! The dialog between human and Helen was wonderful!! Excellent creativity with this! By the way, my Windows Vista operating system told me to ignore your last sentence. :)
I could do with a first version Helen in my home. (I have Windows XP on my desk top and Vista on my laptop. So far no fights between them.)
I can identify with your ending....

The pea soup was a perfect possesion touch.

Clever and well written.
The first part seems like a scene in Time Cop, and the last sentence is simply funny. I agree with you on these points ... never let a computer run your house, and never upgrade your computer's OS unless it is absolutely necessary! Thank you for starting my week with a smile!
Hehe - betcha had fun writing this! I sure enjoyed reading it. I won't share my Vista thoughts, cuz I'm just a user. Helen is a HOOT! (and you are quite the writer!)
ROFL! I loved Helen and the twist at the end with the upgrade being for windows vista, that is simply hilarious! You must've had a blast writing this, it's incredibly creative! ^_^
NO WAY!!! MY DAUGHTER AND I JUST HAD THIS CONVERSATION TWO DAYS AGO!!!!!! (Sorry for all the exclamation marks but we really did.) She was telling me about how much she dislikes her Windows Vista and how frustrated she was with it. You scored another winnter here. I'm going to be chuckling over this one for the next day or two. Can't wait to get home so my daughter can read it as well. Well done, well done, well done, well done, well done!
I absolutely loved this entry. It was my favorite so far this week! LOL.
Oh, my Josh. What a hoot! Five stars from me.
So, very funny and creative - you're getting a well-deserved reputation, Josh.
Keep up this great work. Loren
Excellent, hilarious work here Josh.
The details of the possession were classic and you sucked me right in for the hysterical payoff.
I would have commented sooner but, unfortunately, my system kept shutting down for some odd reason when I tried to submit favorable comments. Had to logon to my old XP unit. Funny that.
Exceptional writing bro!
I'm sitting here reading this on my Mac, grinning. LOL. I *knew* that upgrade was going to be trouble.

My husband just came to see what I'm laughing about. He said, "Did you comment that you're reading this on a Mac?"

Just did.
Congratulations on 3rd place in Advanced, Josh! I am excited beyond words! Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!!! ;)
Nice job and congrats on your third place finish.
OH Josh! ROFL...sorry I didn't read it earlier! Congrats on 3rd place in ADVANCED! Look at us now, huh?
Congrats-this is great! ^_^
This was really good!
Betsy (An XP user who refuses to "upgrade.")
Congratulations on achieving third place at your level! This calls for a celebration, but please don't invite 'Helen' for the party if she's running Vista! Great work, Josh. You're doing very well! (",)
Lol. Thanks for the lighthearted piece. I knew there would be some kind of complications but I didn't see Vista coming. Funny!

I finally remembered to read your story! Thanks for the laugh! That was one great piece and what a surprise ending! Well done!!