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Outstanding! So somber, with flickering hope at the end. The meter is flawless, and your excellent use of enjambment gives it a lyrical flow, like a ballad. Not many people could pull off stanzas where all four lines rhyme, without it being sing-song or hokey, but you have done so masterfully!
This is rich and melancholy. I don't tend to make predictions, but I think this might be a placer. Amazing.
This is outstanding, you meter excellent, and your rhyming pattern one of the most difficult because you need four rhyming words for each stanza. Your tribute is poignantly and beautifully written. I remember reading of many of these places. I love your ending. I take my hat off to you.
Simply outstanding in every way! I'm standing and applauding madly.
This is incredible. Wonderfully done, with excellent images, wonderful rhyme and just moving in every way.
This was very moving and beautiful. A wonderful tribute to those who paid the price. I have goosebumps after reading it.
Excellent writing and beautifully moving tribute! Love it.
WOW. I've been to Poland, but never to the locations your poem mentions.

I love this and hopes is places. Very well done!
OUTSTANDING! And so beautifully done with perfect meter and rhyme.It is a winner for sure!
God bless you for writing this piece!
Wonderful! This flowed perfectly. I loved the message also. Great job!
We applaud you; stand up and take a bow. Superb doesn't even begin to cover it.
Very engaging - I couldn't stop reading! The rhyme and meter is wonderful, and the tale told sad and encouraging at the same time. Nice enjambment, too. :)
REMARKABLE! If this doesn't place in the top 3 this week, I will be soooo very surprised. Being of Polish decent, and having a great interest in the holocaust, this poem really stood out to me. And to top it off, it was masterfully written. Let us never forget those whose families were taken by this tragic event.
This is a beautifully done tribute to the Polish Jews. Bravo my friend, BRAVO!
Virginia, this is a stirring piece of poetry at its best. There is Polish ancestry in my family and this is a beautiful tribute to those victims of the Holocaust.
So glad this was showcased this week so I had the opportunity to read it. Blessings your way,