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This was a great article to start my day. You kept me laughing and put me in a good mood on this Monday morning!!
Blessings, Lynda
Very funny article. I loved the banter back and forth with your mind. I thought I was the only one who spoke to myself that way. Great take on the subject.
Hey - you were reading (or writing) my mind too!

Well done - loved the take on "desire"
Priceless! What a day brightener. I'll bet those pants are cute!
Sounds as much like one of those battles I have with my kids as it does like the ones with my mind! I've got my own "tweety bird" pants. :::smile::: My kids hate them! But hey, I like 'em! What a creative way to make an important point that we all need to let sink in to our constantly battling brains. Thought provoking! I THINK I'm going to be much kinder to me. Not because I deserve it, but because the Word is alive.
Great article, well written. Kept a smile on my lips and a sigh of contentment escaped at the end.
Very well done. I am wondering though, where exactly does one purchase "Tweety Bird" pants? Are those trousers for a yellow bird, or slacks with his picture on them? If your husband thinks you are cute, then you ARE cute! This is a good read. Loved the change in fonts ...very effective and creative.
Mostly air. Kind of a cliche, as a whole - writing about not knowing what to write about. This needed more time to stew - by the time you get into saying something, you're done. Such is the drawback of writing under a deadline, I guess... another couple days of polish-time would have elevated this piece, I think. I appreciate the efforts, though. I know how hard it is to try to write when the ideas just aren't there.

Thanks for posting.
This is great ,You truly are lovly and a gift from God !
I simply love this one!
Great job.
I guess you would have to had been there a time or two to understand this one.

You had me at desire for chocolate...

Good job.

Deborah, congratulations on your place in the Editors' Choice Awards as well as receiving a Highly Commended Award in the Level 3 Champion Challenge. The competition was so strong for this Challenge, and both awards are a credit to you. With love, Deb (Challenge Co-ordinator)
You are a very good writer. I enjoyed reading your story.