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This sounds like a magazine article. Wonderfully done.
Outstanding! I think your conclusions are right on. Very well written.
I learned a new word today. Solastalgia. It was as if I went to a lecture, a seminar on global warming, or to church - but it was a delightful eye-opener and so true! Enjoyed the positive outlook of this writer. Nicely done and well written.
Good job, persuasive words and to the point!
Very well-written and informative article.

Perhaps one small thing would give it great readership and impact: a stronger "hook". I had to read down a few paragraphs before I found the stuff that really grabbed me.

Excellent writing.
Your right, "global warming" seems to be blamed for everything, real or imagined. "Solastalgia" is a great new word. I like the wisdom in this, "to create home where we are."
I actually enjoyed reading this entry, it is so creatively different.
You brought a lot to this article and it wasn't overwhelming, you tied it all together quite neatly.

Thanks for the new word!