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Such a touching story, and in the end warm, hot tears formed in my eyes at the way you described how "prayer, hope and home" helped you make it through the touch times. A delightful, but sad, story - but a wonderful "ending". Thanks for sharing this well written memory of home. Nice job.
This story really takes the reader through all of the emotions, landing on hope...nice.

You started out in present tense, then about three paragraphs in you switched to past tense. An easy mistake to make, and easy to fix.

Mental illness has to be as frightening for the family as for the victim. My heart goes out to you for the responsibility placed on you while you were so young. It's wonderful to read what your church family did to help. You grew up fast, but you did all the right things. Very nice work on this.
Your imagery in some areas is really powerful. For instance, when you show your Dad's anxiety with his rubbing his hair and walking rather than just telling us, I felt compassion for him. Chuckie's big brown eyes latching on to yours in a secret understanding was also powerful. And, I also liked the closing line about the necessity of prayer and mom for home. What a blessing that mom returned whole and remained that way for her children.