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I liked the reasoning and sentiment behind this story; that war consists of fighting for one's home, their family home. Creative piece and well done. Enjoyable read.
You captured my interest in the first paragraph. I had to smile at your "any cat would remain loyal to its food bowl." Excellent creativity and writing with this unique story.
Creative and well written. You almost brought tears to my eyes when I read: "As simple and run down a home as it was, it looked nothing less to him now than a magnificent palace." They say 'home is where the heart is' and you certainly showed that in this story. Well done!
Your message is perfect for this topic.

You set the time and place well. I enjoyed reading this.
Interesting. It sounds like this is the making of book you are working on.
I liked how he looked at his home with fresh eyes after he returned from war. And that war sometimes isn't about fighting for a king or even a country, it's fighting for family. The point has already been brought up - Is this part of a novel in the making? Well done.
Great reading. I especially like the his realization and change of attitude at the end. A lot of detail and story packed into these few words.