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Your story sounds familiar to me; never went to a single school more than two years at best, and that upbringing evidently gave me the moving-bug also...because I too found it difficult to write a story on this subject due to no familiar homestead; but you did a good job...and I can empathize with you. Well done, however! Enjoyed the read!
I like your description with, "found little land to place my feet" In light of your subject I had to smile at your "I think a lot of the problems lay in the fact I haven't moved in over eight years." Great ending, you had me considering that you would spend eternity in your "true home." Nice work on this.
I'm an Air Force brat and have told people through the years that my hometown was a Ryder moving van :) So I hear ya!
How difficult that must have been! I'd loved to have read more, perhaps one specific event you remember from each of your several homes.
Very real - and I love the distinctive "Dub voice," no matter what you may think of it, my friend. I like the last line.
While not military, our family moved alot too, and so have I.

Glad I'm not alone.
I did appreciate another's viewpoint, you expressed it with out bringing up the drama that often goes with moving so much.
Interesting how your army-brat-constant-moving childhood continued into the career you chose in your adulthood. This piece feels hurried, scattered, and to me it reflects the point - your not having roots, so to speak. The atmosphere of the story matches your life. (Wish I could explain this better.) How difficult it must be not to have someplace to call "home". Nicely done.
Even if you never had a permanent home before the one you have now, the way you describe it to others, it's definitely where your heart is. Your family must sense that, too, for them to say they are coming "home". When I was a child, my family moved often, too, so I know the good feeling a home can give.
It must be so hard for military kids to have to move so often and lose friends almost before you really get to know them. My family weren't military, but I went to 5 different schools in 8 years yuk.

I don't know why, but I felt a distinct restlessness in this piece; possibly the result of necessity of moving so often.

The Lord may call me to my true home any day now, it’s about time. I wonder if my family home with Him will be less transient.

You don't need to worry about your Heavenly home; it will be for eternity :- )
My childhood wasn't military but it was just as "moving". I went to three schools for kindergarten in one year. And it didn't get any better as I got older. All my school memories revolve around being the "new kid".

I understand the restlessness of this piece. You captured it perfectly.
"A son called the other day and said he was coming out to the home place. That made me feel good, although he has never lived in the house, he considers it home." ~

And that is no doubt one of the reasons you love your home now.
Very nicely done.