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This was double the fun to read! The last half was especially entertaining. I enjoyed going on this vacation with you!
Such a fun time! More showing and less telling would really make this amazing. Loved this line...We had a blessed time of fellowship with family, not only by blood, but by Blood.
Enjoyed the fun time with the cousins both by blood and Blood.
Fun is right. I wanted to be there! Love the personal touches - the "hopter-copters".
Fun memories! I had a little trouble following some of the puppet show and I agree that more showing would have helped, but otherwise fun story.
Precious memories! And I love the dialog and the names. Made me feel like I was right there in the room at VBS. Nice job! Blessings, Cheri
My son called them Hopter-Copters, too! Sounds like fun. It's special the way your family just blended in with theirs and worked together at the VBS.
Great reminiscing. Good description. Sounds like you had a good double cousin reunion.
Great reminiscing here. I loved the Elvis impersonation. Your family get together sounded like a lot of fun. I love the way you ended: "We had a blessed time of fellowship with family, not only by blood, but by Blood." Well done.
Okay, "hopter-copters" is perhaps the cutest word ever. This was tremendously entertaining.
I don't know why, but I laughed a lot at the Elvis joke. It was my favorite part, though the entire story was enjoyable. Thank you for sharing.
Especially like the part about Daniel and Dexter the Lion.

Run trip all around.
Hee hee...I do a similar "Elvis Impersonation" myself! And your little boy's mispronunciation reminds me of when my niece was little...she called helicopters "hoppa-tsottsers."
Ack - just realized a huge boo boo in my entry... " They were introduced by Mom and Dad." should have read "They introduced my mom and dad." because Grace and Earl introduced my grandparents, not the other way around.

And the other day, Keith joined Earl and Carol in heaven :(
Wow - and some horrible typos lol. Wish I could edit it lol.