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Exciting story, and I loved the small twist at the end, turning the tides from the one being annoyed to being the annoyer himself. Well done.
Nice job, liked they way their relationship changed (but I think she could have been a bit younger, to be a bit more pesty lol) LOVED the "Here fishy, fishy" -that made me laugh :)
I could just see Eric wanting to fish in peace and quiet then Gertrude showing up. :) This adventure story was fun to read and I was glad it had a happy ending. Nice Work Chrissy.
This was so engaging--I loved it from beginning to end. I could SEE the whole story very clearly...fabulous writing.
Good foreshadowing for the near-tragedy. I was relieved that the outcome was a happy one. Blessings, Cheri
I can totally see this happening. Liked the ending with a hint of friendship to come. Good job.
Eric's plan to send Gerturde for worms really made me laugh. Reminded me of something my brother would do. Good story.
Lovely story. Good example of what we learnt on the weekend. I could picture the whole scene vividly.
You have been hanging around Nepean River too much :-)
Great story Chrissy, I loved it. I'm a sucker for stories with waterfalls with caves behind them. You could continue the story and even make it into a novel... lots of potential.
I'd definitely like to see more stories about the further adventures of these two cousins. Thank you for sharing. :)
Love the story and a very interesting read. You're always so good at making a story come alive.
I too felt intruded upon by the pesty girl. You set the tone of this piece so well, I felt I was there with them. Wonderful setting.
Good descriptions. I felt like I had to dry out after I swam the river with them.
I enjoyed this excellent story very much and was so glad it turned out okay. Good job, too, at showing the turn in the relationship.
This was good. I was glad Trudy was okay. I felt my heart pounding as I wondered.
Enjoyed the story of these cousins. Besides, I love a happy ending. Nicely done.
I enjoyed this from the very beginning to the end. Great writing!
ohhhh... I want to explore the caves too!! Great story.
Heehee! I like Trudy! She's fun, it seems like. I'm glad that Eric will try to 'get along' with her a little better now. That's a scary experience to get stuck behind a waterfall. Whew! Glad they got out all right. ^_^
I'm glad the way this story didn't leave Gertrude the annoying cousin she was made out to be. They're in for lots of mystery and adventure in those caves and tunnels. Great read!
I like this story! Excellent writing! Loved it!