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Darling, delightful story. LOVE that ending. Well done!
I love the "ghost-writer" comment! A lot of fun packed into this!
This is just so adorable! I can tell you love pets (any kind!) the way you go inside their heads and figure out what they're thinking. You provide a perfect mouth piece for them . This is such a delightful story that I need to rethink my position about whether I can handle another pet right now. I've had one all my life except now. This story is very convincing! Kudos!
Cute - and delightful! I LOVE the title, and the last line, especially! Fun!
Awww.. so fun! This was very enjoyable to read and get to know the animals. If you used less shes and hers it would help to make your awesome story even better!
This was fun to read. I just love some of your descriptions, "she fired a missile at themherself" and "hyper-viper" had me giggling. I'm glad they all ended up friends... well, except for the bedroom dwellers. Well done Helen :-)
Very cute story! Love the title, and the adorable ending, and well, everything in between!
Fun and witty and creative. I needed a fun read today, thanks!
Ditto on what all of your other readers have said... this was a fun read!