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Excellent cousin analysis is this poem. I like this, "While we don’t choose the cousins we’re given
They can bring blessings or pain while livin’" I had to smile at your repeated line, "Yes, they are kin just the same." Nice work.
There's a lot of truth in this piece! The repeated line works well, and it's certainly true.
Nice rhyme scheme. Good message about appreciating family. Nice work. Blessings, Cheri
I like the repetition at the end of each stanza.

I'd suggest working on more interesting rhymes--rhymes of more than one syllable, for example, or just unexpected pairings of words--to bump your poem up a level of quality.

You're definitely a very good poet, and ready to stretch it a bit in difficulty...I enjoyed this a lot.
I like the repeated line at the end of each stanza. This was short but sweet. Thank you for sharing this. :)
Your words have brought back memories. I have been blessed with cousins, most whom are more pleasure than pain.

Your repeated line brings home your message very well!
This is such a great poem, especially for children! This is exactly the type of poetry that I see in Highlights and other kids' publications.
Ya know, the first line pretty well sums up my whole family. This is a very sweet poem, and I love the repetition in it.
Love the repeating line, it fits this piece just perfectly! ^_^
"Kin just the same"--has a nice ring to it. I enjoyed this and could see it illustrated very well in a children's book, and then extended to all kinds of kin. There's an assignment for you!