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I thought this was so cute...I loved the logic of sending the youngest first, LOL! Fantastic dialogue between the kids. Awesome ending. Great job!
Great beginning descriptions of this toad/frog especially "toads and frogs always made her afraid she might pop them if she wasn't careful" and then your "considered each other carefullyeye to bulgy eye." :) Then after your opening paragraph description I had to cringe a bit when she kissed him. :) I loved this, "a container of cottage cheese was cracked and bleeding white". I didn't know anyone still referred to them as "shoats" anymore. GREAT story; excellently written!
VERY creative and darling story, all the way from the title to the ending note. Well done!
OH so clever, with wonderful descriptions. I absolutely LOVED this piece - and that note made me laugh, Ms. Princess ;)
Ooo, my sisters and I loved playing with frogs, snakes, and jumping out of Grandma and Grandpa's loft into a pile of hay. Great story--brought back a lot of fun memories.
Well, done! We all had a Cuzin Princess, didn't we? Brought back many memories from my own childhood... Blessings, Cheri
Ah, loved this story! Excellent writing! So very funny! So, can you tell me? Did your toad ever turn into a prince?
This is such a cute story, and very believable. I could especially relate to the part about making Carl jump out of the hayloft first, since I was the youngest cousin, and had similar experiences. Nice job!
From start to finish this story had me grinning like a fool. Dialogue, descriptions and feel all top class. Aren't you lucky you're too big to spank now Missy :-)
One of the best hooks ever! This is a charming and delightful story.
I was always afraid of popping toads too when I used to pick them up. LOL. A very fun story that comes straight from the princess herself. Haha. :)
ROFL! Simply delightful! I loved this cute and funny adventures of these cousins! The beginning had me laughing all the way to the end. Great job! ^_^
Absolutley delightful, very believable story. Great job.
Well done and so much fun. Glad I got to read this dose of childhood memories.
Nice! A very cute story. I could picture all the events in my head as they happened.
06/07/08 now we know. Confession is good for the soul, right?
A fun story and very real characters. Well done.