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I can tell you are a true horse lover. Very creative take on the topic this week:)
What an interesting and creative way to present the year's-long story - through diary entries. Very well done.
I liked the format of the story. It made it very easy to follow since events were broken down into small chunks. Bobby sounds like a great horse. I have always wnted to ride a horse, and your story makes me want to ride even more now. Thank you for sharing. :)
With tears in my eyes, I type you a "thank you". Your story was filled with love, kindness, patience and years of blessings that derived from a "Dream-Come-True. You gave me an enjoyable read, beautifully written, and brightened my day. (*.*)! Thank You!
Your story of a very special horse was very specially written. Excellent job.
This was so lovely. I adored the progression from a hesitant girl and horse, to a career women, and then to her own children on his back. Beautiful.
This is tender and full of honest feeling. I don't know anything about horses, but you made me want to learn. Well done.
This is lovely. I was completely engaged, and felt like I got to know the MC and this horse intimately. Praying for the last entry, dear :)
The progression is the story, well done. I can feel your love for this creature.
I, like, loved it! Loved the voice and how it completely evolves from "girl" to "woman." Well done!
This was sweet. Not a horse lover myself, but think they are gorgeous creations indeed. Like this piece.
Excellent story - loved the use of a diary format, as I was drawn into the events over time. A heart warmer for sure - and of course, I love happy endings :)
This warmed my heart to read it. So glad you submitted it. Can't tell you how much I LOVE a dream come true! ;)
As a horse-crazy girl myself one time, I can totally relate to this! I never did get my 'dream come true' but I loved this story of Bobby and I'm glad that he lived so long, this was wonderful! ^_^
I love the progression of the relationship between girl and horse in this story. I loved where you write "Bobby actually turned and glared at me as if I was crazy to even consider it" That is so 'horse'. Good story, well written and very moving. Well done.
You are a writer after my own heart. I love your charactorization of Bobby. He is the perfect picture of a wonderful horse. I've been blessed to have owned a few like him in my lifetime. I especially love the last paragraph. Grea writing my friend.
Wonderful. Thanks for sharing! It brings back some memories, especially when you said, "he was only doing what they told him." My sister once owned a well-trained Tennessee Walker. The only time my mother ever sat on him, the poor horse kept walking sideways and backwards and stopping and starting in response to all of the accidental signals she kept sending. Finally that poor horse planted all four hooves, craned his neck around and looked my mother right in the face. I swear that horse said, "Would you make up your mind?!"

Thanks for the memories!
Congratulations on taking 15th place in your level with this piece, Shirley!
Very good, progressive story. I liked the way you grew with the horse! From a teen ager, to a young adult, to a married lady, to a mother, all the while keeping Bobbie the centre of your story.Very well developed, and a unique style....Helen
You've captured what lies in the heart of many horse lovers. Your diary is a true testament to the growth we experience by the grace of having them in our lives.
Great job! Loren