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Clever point of view--quite realistic and engaging. I found that the reminiscing about former days broke the flow of the piece. On the other hand, I did enjoy the fresh perspective, particular the comparison between room and woods. Great transition line there with "the only wood I see now" idea.
Unique, creative, different, and imaginative with a touch of fantasyland...but not exactly an animal lover's cup of tea; However...Written well, with much thought going into the dialogue of these two lovable "Silent Sentries." And Three Cheers to them both and their Clever writer...and May Bambi's papa and Flipper's oceanic cousin Rest In Peace. (*.*)!

Creative and clever and good ending!
I enjoyed this very creative, delightful story told from quite a different viewpoint.
What a creative POV! I loved the line, "If I could jump off this wall, Id make him pay."
And your closing line was priceless. Very entertaining and well done!
Oh my word--who thinks to write from the POV of a deer head on the wall??!! Wildly creative!
This has to be one of the most creative entries that I have read this week. I loved it!

Your last line was the best, and I liked the name "Bob Marlin" (I'm assuming that was a take off of Bob Marley LOL).

I hope this one places high, because even if it's not for animal lovers (who sometimes take things too seriously anyways), it's still a very well written and creative piece.
I love the voice of this - a very creative take on the topic. You've given ol' Buck quite the personality. Love it!
Heehee! This is definitely a new POV here. I love the difference and especially seeing things through its eyes and the end with if it could get Good job-very creative and clever. ^_^
Had me going!!! Awesomely creative POV. Loved the buck's opinion of Snoodles too. Kept me entertained from start to finish! Excellent job! Blessings, Cheri
I won't ask what you put in your iced tea before you wrote this, but it is so different and creative and funny. I will never look at a stuffed animal the same way again. **smile** Kudos!!
The ending is a riot! Just hope the hubby doesn't follow through on that thought. At first I thought not on topic, with a wall-trophy unable to be a pet, but then along came can that dog live with such a name?
This was a hoot to read. Well done!
LOL, the ultimate easy-care pet. Very imaginative. I love the thought of the dog sniggering at Buck. This is certainly a different take on the topic and very well done. I also would like to know what you put in your iced tea :-)
Well done.
Oh my goodness...
What DID you put in your tea?

Delightfully strange...or is it strangely delightful? Is "macabre" the word? Or is that too strong? I don't know how to describe it, but it certainly was imaginative and well-written. Good job! Oh, and I loved the last line!